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Carolann and Indigo


First off, thanks for checking out my site! This site is primarily a forum for me to review horror films as watching scary movies is my hobby. I also enjoy horror television shows, horror fiction, spooky video games (Wii, WiiU, and Xbox 360), horror and survivalist board games, horror art, and horror jewelry and fashion. Basically if it’s scary, no matter what the medium is, I like it.

When it comes to horror movies, my personal viewing policy is to avoid trailers if at all possible. I find that I best enjoy going into films with little plot info–so you will probably see that reflected in my reviews. I particularly like supernatural and ghost-themed horror films, but I do also love a good (or cheesey) slasher flick.

In my personal life, I dream to be a full-time stay-at-home cat mom but until then, I pass my time working as a medical librarian. I also write horror fiction and medical/consumer health book reviews for Library Journal. I’m from Georgia but I don’t have an accent.


Occasionally you may find reviews of a horror book, film, or product that was provided to me on behalf of a company or individual. Please note that any solicited reviews will have obvious disclosure statements noting if the reviewed item was supplied by a third-party individual or company. </>End legalese.</>

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  1. Daniel Cheely

    Just wanted to say “Good Blog!” I found you on Horror Blogger Alliance. I too have a blog which has many purposes, but right now I am concentrating on reviewing Haunted House films and literature.